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My wife and I were defrauded by Luxury Tours France. To document this fraud, copies of Bank Of America Fraud Claims follow. Although recorded on this website and in and FBI Fraud Complaint, these fraud reports are not legally associated with Leishear Engineering, LLC. This Fraud Report documents criminal actions against my family, when my wife and I were abandoned in France by a tour operator, and I was threatened with false imprisonment in jail if I did not succumb to an extortion attempt by that tour operator.  I refused to back down from such a criminal. The Hotel le Pavillon Des Lys then charged me a second time for the hotel room that had already been paid for. When I asked for my stolen money to be returned, I was libelously accused of blackmail. They steal from you in the town of Amboise, France, and then the crooks falsely accuse you of a crime if you ask for your stolen money to be returned. The Amboise Police would not respond.

Previously, the Bank of America endorsed this crime, demanded that I pay the crooks, and demanded that I pay interest on the stolen money until I pay the crooks. The Bank of America is a criminal enterprise in itself, i.e., the Bank of America is as crooked as the thieves in France. I appealed Bank of America decisions, which were enforced multiple times. Op Eds that I wrote and resultant intervention by the US Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau resulted in the return of stolen money, with the exception of several thousand dollars that were stolen through a Bank of America and Luxury Tours France wire transfer fraud.