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Explosions in Nuclear Power Plants:Computational fluid dynamics (Fluent CFD) investigations and models of nuclear reactor explosions are in process to support Nuclear Engineering Masters research. Hydrogen explosion models and water hammer pipe stress models are additional final goals of research, using NRC approved computer codes for reactor kinetics, thermal-hydraulics, and accident analysis (Leishear Explosion Theory: Water hammers explode nuclear power plants and damages nuclear plant piping through explosions). Fukushima and Three Mile Island explosions have been proven to be caused by fluid transients. 

Failed U.S. Nuclear Missile Defenses: Showed that U.S missile defenses can kill hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Published the opinion that so-called 'tactical nuclear weapons' are mas murder.

Piper Alpha Offshore Oil Rig Explosion: Proved that the Pipe Alpha explosions were caused by water hammers (Leishear Explosion Theory).

Gas Pipeline Explosions: Discovered that fluid transients cause gas pipeline explosions. Research is in process, and  papers followed (Leishear Explosion Theory - Fluid transients cause gas pipeline explosions).

Water Main Breaks: Wrote a series of papers on the cause of water main breaks, where this cause has been unknown for more than a century - until now. This research is based on my 2013 ASME textbook and the Leishear Stress Theory that describes the cause of piping failures due to water hammer (Leishear Water Main Break Theory - Water hammers cause water main breaks).

Fatigue Corrosion: Invented a new theory to describe the complex relationships between fatigue stresses and resultant accelerated corrosion (Leishear Fatigue Corrosion Theory), where this theory is a corollary to known corrosion fatigue theory. Research and publications are complete.

Bridge Failures: Discovered that bridge failures may be caused by grit blasting for protective coating adherence, where fatigue limits are lowered by grit blasting (Leishear Grit Blasting Fatigue Theory: grit blasting causes fatigue failures due to cyclic loads that induce cyclic stresses on bridges).

Fatigue Curves: Discovered that all fatigue curves for piping, pressure vessels, bridges, and machinery are non-conservatively incorrect when grit blasting is used to roughen surfaces for coating adherence (Leishear Grit Blasting Fatigue Theory).

Fluid Flow, Piping Design, and Failure Analysis, ​ASME, 5 day classes were taught from "Fluid Mechanics, Water Hammer, Dynamic Stresses, and Piping Design", by R. A. Leishear. Classes are no longer taught routinely, but are available through ASME for in-house training (Leishear Stress Theory: High pressures from water hammer are magnified by dynamic load factors (DLFs) to calculate equivalent pressures and stresses that crack pipes and cause valve leaks). This course is available but is no longer routinely provided by ASME.

Leishear Engineering, LLC was Established on January 5, 2016.


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