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Stop pipe system problems that include: water main breaks, fluid flow problems, pump and compressor failures, and pipeline explosions

Robert A. Leishear, Ph.D, P.E., PMP

Consulting Engineer, ASME Fellow

​NACE Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist

Troubleshooting, Research, Failure Analysis, and Design for Fluid Systems:

Fluid Flow, Water Hammer, Structures, Piping, Pumps, Instrumentation, and Vibrations


Leishear Engineering, LLC was Established on January 5, 2016.


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ASME, 5 day classes on Fluid Flow, Piping Design, and Failure Analysis, are taught from "Fluid Mechanics, Water Hammer, Dynamic Stresses, and Piping Design", by R. A. Leishear.

Fires and Explosions in Nuclear Power Plants: Computational fluid dynamics (Fluent CFD) investigations and models of nuclear reactor explosions are in process to support Nuclear Engineering PhD Dissertation research. The Three Mile Island meltdown and hydrogen fire models are the final goals of research, using NRC approved computer codes for reactor kinetics, thermal-hydraulics, and accident analysis.

Water Main Breaks: Writing a series of papers on the cause of water main breaks, where this cause has been unknown for more than a century - until now. This research is based on my 2013 ASME textbook and the Leishear Stress Theory that describes the cause of pipe failures due t to water hammer.

Project Manager for a new International Water Hammer Standard: "ASME B31D, Design of Piping Systems for Dynamic Loads From Fluid Transients".